Free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD Promo Codes

So you want to watch Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD and you have not gotten your hands on it yet. You’ve probably waited for days, maybe even weeks in some cases, but you still haven’t seen it.

If you have yet to see the new Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD, then it’s time to get out your calculator and start figuring out how much it will cost you. Hopefully, you’ll know that this is something you can afford. The fact is, it might be possible to get a free copy of the DVD with a purchase, or at least save money on the shipping and handling fees.

Using your calculator, go to online sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves, CNN, or the Los Angeles Times, and look for headlines and stories that are about the upcoming release of a new Star Wars movie. If you see something about an online promotion that includes a free download of a DVD that you can watch when it is released, check it out.

To find the info on the offer, check the television news channels, the local newspapers, and your current news sources. If they are listing promotions or specials that include downloads of the DVD, make sure to check out the coupon section of your local retail store.

If you’re able to get the code that is attached to the promotion, you can usually get a free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD. If you don’t need one, make sure you cancel the order, and try to find another promo that you can try for free.

Once you do find a promotion that gives away a free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD, contact your local retailer and order your copy. Typically, the copies ship at no charge, so you don’t have to worry about shipping. It might be wise to look into getting a discount code for the Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD. A good place to search for codes is iTunes, where you can find multiple promo codes that can be used to redeem various offers.

One of the best ways to get a free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD is to wait until after the release date has passed. At that point, your chances of getting a free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD is much higher, since no one else will have a code.

If you want to watch the DVD before it comes out, you might also consider ordering online. The best way to get a hold of the DVD is to order ahead of time, and the competition is even more fierce when it comes to online retailers.

At any rate, if you have already decided to get a free Star Wars The Clone Wars DVD because of an online promotion, it’s important to know that you may want to cancel the order immediately after. One of the most popular websites that offer promos are, so this is the obvious place to go for your DVD.

Since the Target website is well known for its deals, customers know that they can get a free item with a purchase. will often give you a Target voucher or Target coupon with your purchase.

Just be sure to check with your local store if they have any clearance sales, or if they have any upcoming clearance sales, to find out if they have any free promo codes. It’s always fun to get freebies, but watch out for unwanted codes.

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